Apprenticeship - Chloe McLaverty.pngChloe, Customer Representative - Homeworker
Studying Senior Financial Services Customer Advisor, Level 3 apprenticeship.
Why did you choose to start the apprenticeship programme?

I wanted an opportunity to learn a nationally recognised qualification and to better myself not just for me but also my children. I previously worked for British Gas and was never offered anything like this. I started my A levels when I left school and didn’t finish them, I always wanted to go back to learning. 

What has been your favourite part of the apprenticeship so far? 

Part of the apprenticeship is attending a skills workshop in London every 3 months, where we were taught skills in business which have been shown to CEOs in different companies. I really enjoyed this and learned so much about business but also myself as a person. It was also nice to meet people from different sites, I am a Homeworker so it is a novelty interacting with people face to face. 

How have your skills and knowledge developed since being on your apprenticeship?

Since I started the apprenticeship my knowledge in Underwriting and Claims have increased. I knew the basics but now I understand more processes and feel competent explaining these to customers. I need to work to deadlines so I had to get organised and put a schedule together to get where I needed to be. I am a visual person so it really helped having this on my calendar with different tasks highlighted. 

How do you think the apprenticeship will support you in achieving your future career or development goals? 

The apprenticeship has given me so much confidence, self-belief and knowledge. I have realised I am very resilient and this is great skill to have. As a Homeworker I am looking forward to seeing what different options I can explore with Hastings Direct.

Colin, Chloe’s Team Leader, has supported her whilst studying for the apprenticeship. 
How have you seen Chloe develop since being on her apprenticeship?

Chloe has more confidence and is really organised. It was through hard work and determination that she completed her apprenticeship and the confidence to keep going and being organised in this really shone through to me, because there can be setbacks.

You have other members of your team on an apprenticeship, how does your role differ as a leader when you have colleagues studying for an apprenticeship?

I wouldn’t say my role differs considerably, I offer support where needed whether it is reading through their presentations, discussing how they are doing or just by encouraging them. I would say one key thing is to join in as many Coach Review calls that you can, the information you get from these are invaluable and will really help you support your team.

Would you recommend apprenticeships to other leaders in the business who are considering developing their team? Why? 

I would whole heartedly recommend it as it really does challenge the colleagues, helping them develop their skills, confidence and add value to their team and the business.