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Meet David, ex-service personnel who proves it’s never too late to start a new career.

Hire Handler

In 2002, after 40 adventure filled years, my Navy career came to an end. I was 59 years of age and didn’t want to just sit around the house all day twiddling my thumbs, so I decided to look for a new challenge. Coincidentally, a friend of mine told me that they were looking for staff where he worked: Hastings Direct.

Although I was a bit apprehensive about starting a new career in my late 50s, my friend - who was in his 60s - told me I’d fit in just fine. Encouraged by this, I applied and two weeks later started my first job as a civilian!

Within three months I was promoted to Team Leader where I managed a team which grew to include 38 members. My years as a Team Leader were challenging but always fun.

At 72 years of age I was given the opportunity to learn a more specialist role within the Claims department. This has given me even more job satisfaction and allows for additional flexibility with my working hours.

It’s hard to say what I like most about working at Hastings Direct, but if pushed I’d probably say it’s the friendly atmosphere. 

Would I recommend Hastings Direct to someone considering a career change later in life? Yes, definitely!