Many of our colleagues who join us on temporary contracts often secure permanent positions with us. Customer Representative, Halimo, talks about her journey and advice on progressing at Hastings Direct. 

Tell us about where it started for you at Hastings

I’ve been with Hastings for about a year and a half now, joining the company as a temporary worker and becoming a permanent employee. 

Hastings continues to expand my knowledge on the current insurance market and I learn something new every day. My role has helped me improve my customer service skills and allows me to grow my confidence when speaking to others. 

What’s the best thing about Hastings?

Within Hastings there’s a strong team aspect and it’s been great communicating with other employees and sharing skills and advice. Also, progression within the company is something that is easily achievable. 

What advice would you give someone who’s looking to progress at Hastings?

If you’re looking to progress with your career, there are many routes you can take, from speaking to your team leader for role progression during your 121s, to our quarterly performance reviews. We also have a careers website which showcases different ways progress.

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