Darryl joined Hastings Direct at the end of 2021, starting his journey with us as a Claims Recovery Negotiator. He quickly progressed in his career, and after seven months Darryl had received a promotion in our Recoveries team. Read his story.  

Talk us through your journey at Hastings Direct 

I came into Hastings Direct with no previous insurance experience, so this was all completely new to me. I started my training in December 2021 and finished around late January 2022. The training was very well run, catering to those with and without insurance experience, but regardless of my lack of knowledge at the start, I never felt left behind in the training. It provided me with all the necessary tools to start the job in the best possible way.

Once training was finished, I started the job and the amount of work quickly increased, but I was able to keep up thanks to the training and the support of my colleagues around me. I passed my six-month probation period at the end of May and was delighted to have achieved so much in that time.

Around this time there was a change in how colleagues could look to get promoted within the Recoveries department and I had discussions with my Team Leader on what to work on to be able to reach the next step in my career. It didn't take long for the hard work to pay off and I was promoted at the beginning of July 2022, thanks to the support of my team leader.

What do you enjoy the most about Hastings Direct? 

There are several things I would say I enjoy most about Hastings Direct including the acknowledgement by management of the work everyone puts in, the support provided to help people reach their potential and goals, and the way the company looks to improve things for colleagues as well as their customers. But I think the one that takes it for me is the culture. Everyone is always supportive and help each other out, and it brings a positive environment to the workplace that makes the days enjoyable. 

What advice would you give to those looking to progress? 

I think there are only two tips I have for people that would really help them with their progression; the first is cliche, but you just need to be willing to put in the work. If you can get your head down and prove you have what it takes then there is no limit to where you can go. The second would be to talk to your Team Leaders about your goals, tell them where you want to get to and ask them to support you in reaching those goals. 

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