Matt tells us about his career development journey since starting with us in 2014 as a Customer Representative to now, where he helps others find their dream job at Hastings Direct.

Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been at Hastings Direct?

I have worked at Hastings Direct for nearly five and a half years. I have worked in a variety of roles, across both Retail and Claims and more recently as a Recruiter in HR. I find top talent to join the business to help achieve Hastings 2.0! 

Tell us a bit about your development journey so far at Hastings Direct?

I started on the phone straight out of university and travelling. I was completing my PGCE to become a PE teacher, and was working part time in the contact centre. I really enjoyed working at Hastings, with the development opportunities available and the fun team environment in the call centre. Along with that, we had great support from the team leaders and they really invested in our career development. This led me to stop my PGCE and pursue a career with Hastings Direct. 

My ambition/purpose to help people through teaching and coaching, could be transferred in to the contact centre. I moved in to a Team Leader role to support colleagues in there development, which I found really rewarding and in line with my own motivations. There was nothing better than seeing my team progress within their role, and move in to other positions within the company and grow themselves personally and professionally.

I am now a recruiter, helping candidates find the right role for them, but also aiding business leaders with the talent they need for them to achieve their goals. I find it really rewarding and love the buzz of finding someone their dream job at Hastings Direct!

Who would you say was your biggest support during this time?

Aside from my wife, I would say my leaders and work colleagues during my time at Hastings Direct have been the real defining factor of why I love my job so much. Whenever I need support outside or inside work, they have always been there for advice, and given me clear and honest feedback on how I can improve. 

What are your plans for future development?

If I am honest, I really enjoy what I do at the moment and have no plans to move but only to progress within my own ability and expertise in this field. I want to keep improving as a recruiter hopefully giving a great candidate and hiring manager experience. 

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to develop in this area?

I think if you can get your foot in this company, starting in the contact centre developing in that role and then investigating what else interests you, the exciting opportunities are endless. Get out of your comfort zone and go shadow some areas of the business and find out what suits you, and your goals further down the line. Then work on your Personal Development Plan to reach that goal with the support of your TL and team.

Finally, what do you love about working for Hastings Direct?

The people. Fun, determined and all pulling together for the same result and goal- to achieve Hastings 2.0


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