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It’s true – great people really do know great people. We consistently find that our own colleagues are a great asset in helping us to grow the Hastings family! We asked two colleagues who’ve used our Recommend a Friend scheme about their experience – find out why Kirsty encouraged Karen to join #lifeatHD…

Kirsty Heaton.jpgKirsty, Supplier Relationship Manager, Claims Commercial Team
Joined #lifeatHD in February 2020

What is it about your experience at Hastings that encouraged you to bring Karen on board? 

Culture 100%. Hastings welcomed me with open arms and I felt a part of the family from day one. I had no doubt that Hastings and its culture/environment would be the ideal fit for Karen to further progress her career.

Why did you think Karen would be a great fit for the Hastings family? 
I worked with Karen for over ten years in my previous role with AXA Insurance. Karen’s technical ability alongside her leadership style always stood out to me so when I found out we were looking for an Engineering Manager, I knew Karen would be an ideal fit for the role.

How are you planning to use your Recommend a Friend bonus? 
A holiday! I haven’t had any sort of sun for over three years, so I plan on booking a beach holiday to switch of and enjoy a few sangrias. 

Karen Ashton.jpgKaren, Engineering Manager, Commercial Claims 
Joined #lifeatHD in September 2021

What was it that Kirsty said that convinced you to apply? 
Again, the culture. Kirsty highlighted that the people were helpful and supportive. She also said how quickly things get done and that you have autonomy to make decisions and just get on with the job.

How have you found settling into Hastings? 
As expected, the people have been extremely welcoming and supportive. There’s a real collaborative culture in HD.

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering joining Hastings as the next step in their career? 
Just do it, you won’t regret it!

Join us: Even if you don’t already know anyone at Hastings Direct, if you’d like to join an agile and fast-paced company with the ambition to be the best and biggest digital insurance provider, find out about our available opportunities and apply! 

Or, if you do know one of our colleagues, why not ask them about #lifeatHD… we might just be the next step in your career journey!


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