Danny.jpgDanny – Account Analyst 

I’ve had experience in multiple areas across Hastings, having started part-time in Claims before joining our Underwriting Services team. My role is to monitor the performance of our in-house insurer’s products and report this to the wider business. Numeracy and analytical skills are key, but you also need to have an inquisitive disposition. I use data to spot trends and understand them for what they are, not just what they appear to be.

I would absolutely recommend Hastings Direct for a career after education. I have been able to work in interesting roles that have allowed me to develop and learn new skills. Hastings Direct are great at supporting you should you wish to continue studying while working here by giving flexible working, study days, and even funding certain qualifications. 


Hye Ju – Data ScientistHye Ju Jung .png

I am originally from South Korea and my family currently live in Malaysia. I came to the UK for university and then joined the Finance Graduate scheme at Hastings Direct. I am currently in the Actuarial and Data Science team within the Underwriting Services department where I am working on a project that has allowed me to develop knowledge about insurance and broaden my technical skillset. For this role you need to have a passion for data because on a day to day basis you deal with and analyse a vast amount of data.

I genuinely love the culture at Hastings Direct. The people are welcoming and I can be myself around my team. I feel like I can speak my mind the majority of the time and everybody is more than willing to help when I need it. It is a place that I would definitely recommend for anyone who is eager to learn and start their career. 


James.pngJames – Data Analyst 

I was an economics graduate looking for real world analytical work and the Risk Pricing Team within Hastings Direct offered a role in which business and financial analytics were at the forefront.

My role is to use different data sources to try to give the customer the best possible price whilst making sure our prices are profitable for the business. It’s one of the core aspects of insurance operations, so it is a vital cog in how the business makes money. Analytical work can be ever changing so you need to be systematic and methodical, but you must also be able to think outside the box. Hastings Direct builds a platform for you to develop and is a great first step on your career ladder.


Jacky – Data AnalystJacky (003).jpg

I joined Hastings Direct because I was impressed by the people I met during the interviews - they were passionate about using advanced data analytics. Our team develops and implements dynamic pricing for car insurance products.

The key skills of a data analyst are proficiency in SQL and R/Python, which you will learn through your apprenticeship, as well as communication skills to present the findings to different stakeholders. If you want to develop data analytical skills and take responsibilities at an early stage of your career, I would definitely recommend joining Hastings Direct after education.   


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Date added: 10th June 2020