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We catch up with our colleague Yasmeen in our student hub this month. Yasmeen has worked at Hastings Direct for nearly 2 ½ years as a part time Customer Representative.

When I joined Hastings Direct I was starting the second term of my second year at De Montfort University. By this point, I’d been living in Leicester for several months and I really wanted to find a part time job that would work well around my studies. The reason why I wanted a part time job was so I could keep busy during my spare time and as a student, the extra cash is always an added bonus!

At first it was a challenge to balance my studies with my work timetable as it was my first ever part time job - but as time went on I found it got a lot easier. At the recruitment stage Hastings Direct gave me the flexibility of creating a shift pattern that worked perfectly around my timetable. At University, classes and lectures usually run throughout the day so having a part time job which required working evenings and weekends was a great balance and I never have to substitute one for the other. I have Sundays and the days that I don’t have classes or lectures free for my personal life. With the power of creating my shift pattern, it’s always nice to have a couple of days throughout the week where I don’t have to go to university or work - it’s the perfect balance!

Since working at Hastings Direct, I’ve gained a great amount of knowledge about the business and the insurance industry. The best part about working for Hastings Direct is the people! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and it’s because of this that I’ve gained so many friends that I know I’ll always stay in contact with regardless of where my future may lead me. The support, understanding and generosity I’ve received has been amazing; this includes support during exam seasons, understanding of religious events and the opportunities to get involved in charity activities- the incentives for colleagues are always fun and a great way to keep everyone positive. There are many students who work part time at Hastings Direct and I'm sure they’d agree that having this job not only helps financially, but also works well with their studies and personal life.