In our student hub this month we catch up with our colleague Harvinder. Harvinder has worked at Hastings Direct for 8 months as a part time customer representative while studying for his postgraduate degree.

Why did you want to join Hastings Direct?

After completing my degree at the University of Leicester, I was looking for a career where I could advance my skills and abilities in the insurance industry while I completed my postgraduate study at the University of Birmingham. I was also looking for a role which offered the opportunity for career progression in leadership and management. Hastings Direct has delivered on both of my expectations.

How do your part time shifts fit around your student life?

My part-time shifts fit perfectly around my academic, personal and work life. I have the flexibility of working one evening a week and at the weekend. This allows for me to spend quality time with my family and friends, whilst also achieving in both my job at Hastings Direct and in my studies.

How do you balance personal life, studying and work?

By living an organised life, I proactively accommodate and balance my assignments to make sure they are submitted ahead of their due dates.

What do you like most about working at Hastings Direct?

Hastings Direct is unlike any other insurance company. I love working here, particularly because I am treated as an individual. Team Leaders, Contact Centre Leaders, and Coaches help develop us and identify our potential within the company. At Hastings Direct you can truly thrive, progress and acquire valuable skills in various avenues in the business. Most importantly, I love the ethos of the Hastings Direct brand. The 4Cs represent colleagues, customers, community and company. It's amazing to be a part of a business which gives so much back to the community and contributes to local charities, making a substantial difference to the area.

Join us for our open day at our Leicester office on the 26th September 2019 and find out more about working for Hastings Direct. Click here for more details.