I joined the IT Graduate Scheme at Hastings Direct in 2018 after studying Computer Science (Games) at University of Brighton.  

The 18 month Graduate Scheme includes rotations through various teams within IT Delivery which enables you to acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge. Getting this level of exposure to multiple teams is an opportunity that is unique to the scheme. Upon completing the course I’ve been able to choose which direction I wish to take my career - be it application or databases.

I was attracted to the Hastings Direct IT Graduate Scheme because the scheme ticked all the boxes; a lot of opportunity for growth and encouragement to learn new skills primarily in a developer role. After hearing about the scheme in more detail at the interview, it was genuinely the first time I’d left an interview feeling excited about the role.
My main highlight since working for Hastings Direct has been being a part of the development team for the new Claim Center features required for the launch of our partnership with Vizion (our fault repair service provider). It was interesting to be involved in this process from start to finish.
I would definitely recommend the IT Graduate scheme at Hastings Direct to others as you are able to gain new development skills and if you wish, move around within the company to further your career. The culture at Hastings Direct is very friendly and supportive which makes it enjoyable to work here.


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