I joined the IT graduate scheme at Hastings Direct in 2018 after studying Computer Science (with artificial intelligence) at University of Hertfordshire.  

The scheme was exactly what I was looking for. I also knew a few people who worked in different departments at Hastings Direct and they said that it was a nice working environment, which I think is very important.

Since being on the graduate scheme I have rotated around four teams (to date). Due to this, I have developed a wide range of skills and knowledge which will help set myself up for my career at Hastings Direct once I have completed the graduate scheme. Whilst on the programme I have been in teams that focus on application development and database development. Once the scheme has finished I am able to decide which team I would like to go into. 

Being part of the MI team has been a highlight since working for Hastings Direct. I was responsible for a few projects including to automatically create SQL statements, which has helped with the code releases and saved the developers time. I have also worked on another project that automatically creates files to use for analytics. 

I would definitely recommend the IT graduate scheme at Hastings Direct to others because since starting I have developed many skills and there is always the option to move to other areas of the business. The work environment is very friendly and you will always find someone to help you if you are having any issues. 

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