I’ve worked for Hastings Direct since the doors first opened at our Leicester site in May 2015. I started off as a Part Time Customer Service Representative and I was trained on various other skills.

I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Claims as I always found it intriguing and was keen to understand the Claims customer journey. As soon as roles were advertised I went for it and was ecstatic when I got the position. I still remember that call from the Recruitment team, I had tears of happiness!

I started off as a First Responder and then progressed to Coach and most recently a Team Leader. I was very excited when I found out I was successful for the Team Leader role. 

I love my current role; I love the fact that I am able to manage and nurture my team to success. I can use all my skills from my Aspiring Team Leader programme to facilitate and manage my team effectively. I am proud of the fact that my own journey at Hastings Direct helps me in my current role as I’m able to understand my team better.

Supporting a customer after an accident, managing their expectations and helping them understand their stance on liability can be very challenging. We talk to customer about lots of things, including whether  their vehicle has been written off, stolen, vandalised, if they are unable to use their own vehicle whilst it is repaired or if  someone has been injured. It can be emotionally demanding but when you hear the customer thanking you for listening and being supportive, it is the most rewarding experience. My team end the call feeling accomplished that they’ve helped the customer through difficult  moments.

When I speak to a customer, I always put myself in their shoes and think about what I would like to hear in their situation and try and imagine how they may be feeling. I use the same words and tone that I would want to hear. I prefer honesty and customers appreciate that too. As long as we’re honest and manage the expectations of the customer we hope they will appreciate our efforts to resolve their claim efficiently and as effectively as possible.

I have always felt supported at Hastings Direct. Whether it’s a difficult call or you need a few moments to yourself, the leadership team are very understanding and will always support you. We have an Employee Assistance Programme that we can use if we feel that we need to speak to someone. It’s confidential and reassuring to know someone away from work is there to listen to you and give advice when you need it. Hastings Direct is active in supporting your development and recognising your efforts if you show that you are keen to learn and develop. Whether it was my development or need for resources to support my performance, management and coaches have always been there for me. I’m currently studying for my CII qualification which means in a few months I will be Certificate CII qualified. I have been recognised and awarded the title of 'Colleagues Colleague' twice in a row. I am also a Face of Hastings Direct (the campaign promoting Hastings Direct careers website and recruitment advertising) and I couldn’t be happier.

I aspire to continue to progress my career at Hastings Direct. I have a lot of goals to accomplish with my own team and I look forward to being part of this fast-growing company that never loses sight of what really matters, their employees and aspirations. I look forward to being part of the Hastings Direct success story.