We're proud to be a company that encourages colleagues to be themselves because we believe diversity of thinking and different perspectives strengthen the way we work and make us successful.

Claims Advisor

About me

I’m a young 55 year old and a proud single parent of a son who is living testimony of my hard work and dedication. I’m a Claims Advisor at Hastings Direct and strive to take the Customer on a smooth journey through the claims process. 

I’ve been described as a bubbly and energetic person with a positive attitude to life. Born in Leicester of Caribbean heritage, I was brought up listening to the classics such as Nat King Cole, James Brown, The Beatles, and of course Jim Reeves. I think this has contributed to why I’m now part of three choirs and playing steel drums. 

Support from colleagues has helped me

I’ve faced some challenges since working at Hastings, including two bereavements, but I have great support and encouragement from my colleagues. Since experiencing such loss I have had an anxiety attack and have finally come to terms with admitting that I suffer with anxiety, which I refer to as ‘Annie’. I like to write poetry to help me overcome it as it lets me focus on positive emotion. 

I can be myself

There’s a real focus on wellbeing and diversity at Hastings which makes it stand out from other companies. There’s lots of support to help colleagues with their wellbeing and as part of that I regularly attend the mindfulness class which helps me take time for myself. My colleagues are of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities, which is what initially attracted me to Hastings. I feel confident that I can be myself and look forward to coming to work each day. 

I’m always learning from the challenges I face

I like to be vibrant and bring humour with me to work, whether that’s when talking to my colleagues or customers. I’m always learning and developing in my role, including any challenges I come up against. I’m a strong believer in treating every customer fairly and being honest with them at all times. I’m ambitious and a team player, and enjoy being part of the Claims department and the wider business.

I feel empowered

I’m supported through my anxiety and menopause, and I feel empowered to share my story. I’ve been given the autonomy to suggest a wellbeing event centred on menopause as it’s important that colleagues understand how it can affect women in the workplace. This has given me the confidence to put further ideas forward, including frontline process changes to support our colleagues and customers.

Encouraging happy and healthy lifestyles 

If anyone is thinking of joining Hastings I would say that those who work hard are rewarded and can progress well. It’s a great, fast paced business and provides you with the framework to develop your skills and progress your career, while also encouraging you to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle through our Wellbeing programme. 

Being who you are and bringing your personality to work is important to us and our diversity contributes to our success. To find out more about how we embrace diversity at Hastings Direct click here.