Tell us about your background and what led you to Hastings Direct?

I joined Hastings Direct in September 2019 after completing my masters in Data Science at University of Essex, Colchester. I joined the Hastings Direct Data Analytics Graduate Scheme which provides the opportunity to work with various teams on a rotational basis.

What skills have you learnt so far since joining Hastings Direct?

The autonomy to choose and work on a wide range of projects was great. No two days were the same; model building, automating various manual processes, exporting/importing data to different platforms. One of the key projects that I really enjoyed was to train and build a model to identify areas where we could offer a better price for our customers. Seeing the use of data science in business come to life was personally exciting for me to see. Within a short span of time I was given the opportunity to work on different tools that are important for a career in data science.
On a day to day basis I collaborate with team members and project stakeholders. This enables me to practice and utilise stakeholder management skills which are essential for growth in any career. Hastings has a dynamic environment and each day brings in different challenges that will help colleagues to grow and understand business better.

Would you recommend Hastings Direct to other graduates?

I would definitely recommend Hastings Direct as a great place to work, it’s a healthy platform to enhance your skills and identify new areas where you can improve. The wellbeing programme is great too, and really encourages a good work-life balance. The best part about Hastings is the colleagues who are there to support when needed.

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Date added: 21st May 2020