Here at Hastings we aim to do the right thing for our colleagues and their wellbeing is a big part of this. We want to make sure our colleagues have the right advice, education and support available so they are healthier, happier and stronger inside and outside of the workplace. Our Wellbeing champions help support the programme and ensure colleagues are kept up to date with the latest events and initiatives.

Meet Nikki, a Wellbeing champion based at our head office in Bexhill. Here she tells us more about the wellbeing programme at Hastings and how she has supported her fellow colleagues during the pandemic.

Why did you become a champion?

I became a Wellbeing champion because I wanted to help end the stigma around mental health, it’s never been more important to raise awareness and to let people know they’re not on their own.

What are your highlights of the Wellbeing programme so far?

The highlights for me have been the amazing response from colleagues and leaders on all things Wellbeing, and seeing brave people feeling confident in speaking out on a wide range of wellbeing topics.

What have been your coping technics during the pandemic lockdown?

Exercise! Even just a 30 minute walk helps. I used to laugh when people told me that exercising brought out the happy endorphins, but it’s true, it really does.
Video calls to friends and loved ones has also been great, having Zoom quizzes and virtual coffee catch ups have helped hugely too.

Have colleagues reached out to you during the lockdown for support?

I’ve been really surprised by how much colleagues have reached out, I was worried it would go the other way, but having the ability to use Skype or Microsoft Teams to speak and see colleagues has made it that much easier for everyone. Some colleagues also mentioned that it felt more private to have a video call rather than speaking aside in the office.

Apart from these extraordinary times, how do you usually support your department as Wellbeing champion?

I support my colleagues within the department by reminding the teams to talk about wellbeing and any issues that may be affecting them. I also remind them of events and activities coming up and how they can get involved. 

What's your top wellbeing tip?

Talk! It can sometimes to be hard to express ourselves, so make sure you reach out to friends and family and don’t shut yourself away. Try downloading the new Thrive app, it’s got lots of amazing tools for those struggling, not just with mental health but day to day struggles.