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I started at Hastings Direct in February 2017 because I wanted to start a career and was not sure what I wanted to do when I left college. I joined Hastings Direct in the claims department as a Customer Advisor where I would speak to customers on a daily basis regarding the repairs or total loss of their vehicles. After a year and a half I was given the opportunity to assist the complaints team with their work which I found to be very interesting as it was something new that I was able to get exposure too. I was then successful in a coaching role for the claims department where my role is to support my colleagues in my department with anything they need help with. I enjoy my role as I like being there to help people that are either new to business or experienced and watch their own careers progress when they move departments.

The people that I work with are very friendly and we all get along. We take part in charity events as well as team nights out and the yearly awards and Christmas party. I have enjoyed my time being at Hastings Direct and it is a company that I recommend to friends based on my experience being here. I started at the company not knowing a lot about cars or insurance and I now feel that I have gained a lot of useful knowledge that will help me in the future.

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Having worked at Hastings Direct for more than 7 years now, I can safely say that the best thing about the company is my colleagues.

Throughout the highs and lows of our daily routines, there is always someone to listen to you and to share in your successes. I am no youngster, and have worked in a variety of industries from multinationals to running my own company, and I can safely say that I have never been surrounded by a brighter or more helpful group of workmates.

As a Customer Representative in Retention, nothing is ever boring. We have busy times, which are challenging and character testing, and quieter times when you can improve your skills and look to building a comprehensive CV for your career and confidence. I am currently studying on the Chartered Insurance Institute Senior Financial Services Senior Financial Services Customer Advisor Apprenticeship which is expanding my understanding of the business and showing me how I can be more effective in the workplace.

Zoe Hayter blog.jpgZoe

Hastings Direct is the first place I’ve worked that allows me to drive my own development and encourages me to progress in building a career. In doing so, I have already up-skilled and expanded my knowledge into three areas of business since starting earlier this year. This creates a varied working environment in which I encounter different scenarios and challenges every day, which is what I like most about my role as a Renewals, Customer Service and New Business Customer Representative.

I am constantly learning and building on my current knowledge with the variety of situations I face. Hastings Direct have also supported me and allowed me the resources and space to invest in things I am passionate about, such as organising my own internal fundraiser for a local charity and carrying this out during work time with my colleagues. There’s a great sense of community and comradery.

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I came to the UK in 2011, having lived and worked in South Africa until then. The UK was a culture shock, as South Africans will just bare their soul to all and sundry, but here you get strange looks if you chat with strangers. I did various jobs whilst here, did not feel that the fit was right. Then, halleluiah, I found this lovely job at Hastings Direct. I was so slow to learn; women my age struggle to sleep, I was having lots of drama in my personal life, felt like I was being buffeted by waves. The patience and kindness shown to me during that difficult time is something I will forever remember with deep gratitude. I was allowed to learn at my own pace. Extra time was taken to explain things to me.

There is a culture of kindness here, something I have not found elsewhere. It is nurturing and wanting people to succeed that sets our company apart from others. This company has a holistic approach to its employees. We are treated with kindness; helped with things that we need medically, given fruit every day, have amazing parties. I may be gushing, but I just cannot say enough how blessed I feel every day to be here. And when I go to the hairdresser every few months, they say, “Surely, you can’t still be enjoying it as much?” I am.

Every day here is a blast. The colleagues are a hoot, I could not be happier. I look forward to Mondays, no jokes. I even don’t like going on leave because I feel like I’m missing out!


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