Our Wellbeing Champions provide invaluable support to all our colleagues and specifically to those in their departments. Our dedicated network of volunteers keep our wellbeing programme visible and easily accessible to all.
We caught up with one of our Leicester wellbeing champions, Vlad, a Digital Operations Colleague, and hear why he became a Champion. 

Why did you become a Wellbeing champion?   

“I became a Wellbeing champion to be able to support and give information when needed and make colleagues aware of the support available to them.”

What are your highlights of the Wellbeing programme so far?

“The highlight so far this year has been to help run a number of Wellbeing events at Hastings Direct and supporting our colleagues but also to help raise money for charity too.”

What are you looking forward to in the coming six months?

“I’m looking forward to continuing the effort to support colleagues through the pandemic and ensuring they have everything they need. If they ever need any help or support they know that I am available to help them.”

How do you support your department as Wellbeing champion?

“I support my team and department by passing on crucial Wellbeing updates, which I know will benefit their health and wellbeing.  As I get to know my team, and they get to know me, I can easily signpost what is available quicker as I get to understand the functionality of the tools and resources the wellbeing programme has to offer, like Nudge, our financial wellbeing provider and Thrive our mental health app, that a lot of our colleagues like.

What's your top wellbeing tip that has helped you?

My tip is to not be scared to seek help. Many people and charities are there specifically to provide help when needed and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to contact them.

How have you coped during the pandemic?

Some days are tougher than others, but I just keep going and focus on work. It’s important to be able to destress after work so I often walk my dog to get some exercise and some fresh air.