During National Inclusion Week (28th September – 4th October) we are joining the conversation by celebrating the campaign theme, 'Each One, Reach One'. This is about connecting with others to increase our understanding of inclusion, and the powerful impact it can have, every day.

We are proud of all our colleagues, their individual stories and allowing them to be who they are. Throughout National Inclusion Week a number of our colleagues will be holding workshops to talk about inclusion and share their stories, and what they are passionate about.

Emma.jpgMeet Emma, an HR Change Consultant and single Mum to her 5 year old son

“I am a working parent, and also a single parent, and am looking forward to sharing my experiences of what this means in terms of how I manage my time at work, what currently works for me, how Hastings Direct supports me, but also some challenges I have faced.
Being a working parent affects a large population of our colleagues, but not everyone and so during National Inclusion week, it is an opportunity for those who do not have children yet to talk about the ongoing expectation from others about starting a family.  We feel it’s important to look at this challenge from all sides if we are to create an environment where everyone belongs.”

Meet Dan, a Resourcing Executive, who is also registered blind and Andrew, a Customer Representative, who is autisticDan.jpg

“At Hastings we feel inclusion should be a key pillar in the way we evoke change, move forward and work together effectively as one. 
Andrew.jpgWe’re looking forward to discussing our own experiences of disability, to support and educate anyone who is going through a similar experience in life or at work. We both feel it’s extremely important for people to understand that our disabilities do not define us but when in the right environment and with the right assistive equipment, our disabilities can be a strength and an advantage in the workplace. 
Andrew continues, “I felt I was unable to fulfil my potential due to autism, after being undiagnosed for 25 years and struggled with emotional control and building relationships. However, Hastings has allowed me to manage this and grow in my position as Customer Representative.
Dan adds, “I will be sharing the experiences of my own fight for independence after losing my sight progressively over three years and how my fortunes changed after I received my first guide dog. From this moment I was inspired with a new confidence and chapter in my life including starting my first job at Hastings Direct.”

Meet Catalina, a Complaints Excellence Lead, who moved to the UK six years ago

“I was born and raised in Romania Catalina.pngand I am really excited to share my journey, to speak about my country and discuss what led to my decision to come to the UK – a place I have called “my home” for the last six years. I will also share experiences of my professional journey from 2014 when I came to the UK, up to today, including celebrating my accomplishments and my heritage but at the same time, talking about the challenges I faced along the way and what I did to overcome them.
I know that so many of us have made a decision similar to mine or are thinking to take this step so I am hoping  these discussions give a sense of accomplishment and confidence that everything will be ok as long as you work towards your goal and stay optimistic no matter the challenges!”