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This time of year can be difficult for some, as we try to balance having an enjoyable festive break with additional stresses associated with this busy time. This week we asked our wellbeing champions to share their plans for a happy and healthy festive period.
Lauren blog pic.jpgLauren, Investor Relations Co-ordinator:

"My partner and I are saving for a mortgage this year so we have agreed a £50 limit on Christmas presents. As a family, we try to get out for lots of walks at the weekends and over the Christmas period. Weather permitting, we will be taking our bikes out for a few rides too."


Harriet blog pic.jpgHarriet, Personal Assistant:

“My top tip would be to remember you are not weird/boring/not festive if you aren’t doing what others appear to be doing on their social media! Don’t feel like you need to keep up with others' eating and drinking… if you don’t fancy it don’t feel obliged!

Finally, you should try and enjoy yourself despite this year’s celebrations being different to usual by remembering that next year will hopefully be different, this is a one off!”


nisha blog pic.jpgNisha, Software Release Engineer:

"This holiday season I will be trying to stay at home as much as possible and sending my festive greetings and gifts through the post. At home, I will make sure I have the best decorations I can and I’ll make sure I am playing music throughout the day. I also plan on staying hydrated and continuing to do my morning exercise from home.”

Thomas blog pic.jpg

Thomas, Negotiator:

“Despite not being able to see loved ones over the festive period, I try to remind myself just how lucky we are to have so many options through technology to keep in touch these days. Planning big family video call gatherings for those around the country has been great fun!”



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