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We’re promoting Stress Awareness Month to our colleagues throughout April and as we all have different ways to relax, our Wellbeing Champions have shared some of their favourite stress-busting techniques. 

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“I write down all my stresses on a bit of paper so they don’t subconsciously eat away at me. Once they are down on paper, I can work out how to tackle them or dismiss them – this usually shortens the list.”

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“My tip is pretty simple – get out! Whether it is snowing or a beautiful day outside, me and my dog love going for a walk!”

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“Listen to music. If I feel stressed, I will put on a happy playlist and have a boogie in my room! Music to me is the best form of stress relief. And communicate – speak to friends or family about your issues. A problem shared is a problem halved.”

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“I have two scenarios that help and both are about ‘taking time for me’. The first is exercising ‘with purpose’ (COVID restrictions allowing) and for me that’s either swimming or taking a lovely walk and getting close to nature – both can be relaxing and rewarding. Plus, once a week I have a pamper evening which includes a full facial and a hot bath with essential oils.”

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“My stress buster is exercise. There’s nothing better than throwing a few heavy weights around to expel any unwanted stress, or perhaps a nice long bike ride which is good for clearing the head, whilst keeping fit and healthy at the same time.”


“Try to leave a gap between meetings, even if it is only five minutes – it allows you to collect your thoughts and start the next meeting on time and with a fresh mind. Secondly, understand what you can (and can’t) complete in a day – be accepting of that and prioritise well. It means that deadlines won’t get missed, but you also get a good work/life balance and set expectations of others and of yourself.”

“I have just started the Couch to 5k programme. I’m not a runner, but the way this programme has been put together is amazing. I have completed three days now and after each session I have felt invigorated and feel it is also a great personal accomplishment. It clears your mind and makes you feel good about yourself. Give it a go, I dare you!”


Find out more about our wellbeing programme here 


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