As our latest Customer Service Representative vacancies go live, we speak to Tony, a Customer Service Representative, and hear more about life at Hastings Direct. 

Tell us about your career journey and what led you to Hastings Direct.
I have been a Customer Representative for three years, but my career started out as something entirely different. I went to school in Germany and joined the Royal Navy at a young age. This gave me many years of worldwide travel and adventures. Leaving the Navy required a major life adjustment and I fell into insurance, which turned out to be a career calling. I’ve worked in various financial companies and am proud to have obtained my CIPD Level 7 certificate. I was attracted to the role of Customer Representative at Hastings Direct because it involved supporting customers. I liked what I read on the careers website about the company culture, especially the fact that colleagues are at the forefront of everything at Hastings Direct. 

What are your memories of your first week at Hastings Direct?
I was a little nervous on my first day and didn’t know what to expect, but I was warmly welcomed by my trainer and other new starters. One of the most enjoyable parts of being a Customer Representative is working with such amazing people from all different backgrounds - I am still close to my colleagues who started on the same day as me. When I first joined, I was slower than the rest of the group in getting to grips with the operating system, but I persevered and with help from the trainer, my Team Leader and my colleagues, I quickly gained confidence. Everyone has been so helpful and there is a really good team atmosphere at Hastings Direct.

What opportunities have you enjoyed?
The opportunities at Hastings Direct are amazing! You get supported in moving up the levels within the internal career framework. I am regularly asked what my career goals are and then given the tools to achieve them. My Team Leader has helped me develop additional skills, which has allowed me to work in different departments. These have included a secondment in the Recruitment team and being a part of the rewarding ‘Be the Change’ programme for two years. There is so much that Hastings Direct offers to help you build a fulfilling career. 

What do you enjoy about being a Customer Representative?
The thing I enjoy the most about my role is supporting customers; I am very much a people person and in this role I get to speak to people from all over the country! I always make a point of finding out about their local area to help build rapport with the customer. I know what it is like being on the other end of the phone, so I make sure that I connect with them and support them in whatever they need. It has been great to know that some customers have actually stayed with Hastings Direct because of the relationships I have built with them! Being a Customer Representative is about always doing your best and I am proud of what I have achieved.  Hastings Direct is fantastic at rewarding people who do a good job - we have regular incentives to motivate us and the environment is always good fun. The team leaders also get involved - there is healthy competition between us! It is a really good feeling to know that I have been able to contribute in achieving some amazing results for the company.

When I look back at the other companies I have worked for and compare Hastings Direct to them, one thing that springs to mind is the support that I have received. I am really glad that I made the move to apply for a Customer Representative role at Hastings Direct – I can see myself being here for a long while yet!

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