Can you tell us a bit about your work you do here at Hastings Direct?

Within our team we get to work on a variety of engaging tasks. Our key goal is to make sure that the senior leadership team maintains a clear view on how Hastings Direct is performing. People come to us looking for insight or analytical support (maybe a changing trend or an idea they’ve had) and we help to solve that problem, or give them a clearer picture of what’s going on. In short, lots of coding, Excel and PowerPoint presentations.

How does claims analytics contribute to Hastings Directs success?

We provide clarity on trends and performance in different areas, not only by bringing them to light, but also using our knowledge of how the business works to offer explanations for what is happening. By helping various departments in this way, they can make more robust and informed business-level decisions. Hastings’ success has been built on a passion for data and analytics, and we are one of the teams at the forefront of this progress.

We know that an inquisitive nature, coupled with strong analytical and problem solving skills makes a great claims analyst! Can you tell us how you utilise these skills within your role?

Without that very inquisitive nature, a Claims Analyst would simply be writing code and sending out graphs to people, which may or may not leave them with more questions than they came to us with. When tackling a problem, if something doesn’t make sense we find out why, as certain details can always be hiding in plain sight. Since much of what we do is trying to answer somebody’s question or explore an idea, an inquisitive nature means you can put yourself in their shoes and avoid the risk of missing the point. Sometimes the answers require us to go that extra mile, but that enables us to present our findings and have a conversation about it with the stakeholders.

Why should someone consider joining the Claims Analytics department at Hastings Direct?

Anyone that’s analytically inclined and genuinely enjoys this kind of work should consider joining! As Hastings continues to look to expand its focus on data analytics, it’s really great to know how valued our work is. On top of that, there’s a great atmosphere in our team – which I heard about before I even had an interview! We all get along and keep in contact outside of work – which makes for a good work environment, with questions and ideas always bouncing around, truly ideal for this type of work.

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