We aim to do the right thing for our colleagues and their wellbeing is a big part of this. We want to make sure our colleagues have the right advice, education and support available so they are healthier, happier and stronger inside and outside of the workplace. Our wellbeing champions help support the programme and ensure colleagues are kept up to date with the latest events and initiatives.

In support of Stress Awareness month, our wellbeing champions give us their tips to relax, particularly during these difficult times.

Mark – Wellbeing Manager

Exercise – even just a short 10 minute burst, do some exercise that fits your mobility - there is nothing like the release of endorphins to set you up for the day.
Gardening – I love to get out and work in my garden and even if you haven’t got a garden you can watch the plants grow in your pots or window boxes.
Listen to music –immerse yourself in the music you love and dance like no one is watching.

Joe – Wellbeing Champion

Laughing – laughter is really the best medicine, it also reminds me not to take everything in life seriously.
Family time – spending time with my family really helps and reminds me what’s important and not to lose sight of that.

Charlotte – Wellbeing Champion

Pilates – 20 minutes a day of focused Pilates exercises really helps both my mental and physical wellbeing.
Reading a book – putting my phone down and turning off the TV for an hour or so to get lost in a good book always helps me relax.
Cleaning - clean space, clean mind!!

Jade – Wellbeing Champion

Facetime with friends and family – never underestimate the power of seeing a friendly face. 
Write letters to friends and family - a nostalgic tasks that can really brighten someones day.
Write to an elderly neighbour - or call them for a friendly chat 
Colouring - get involved in colouring with the kids, or try and get an adult colouring book.
Listen to an audiobook – the first one is free on Amazon when you sign up to their audible monthly account (and then cancel anytime)

Annette – Wellbeing Champion

Conversation – daily chats with my children and FaceTime with my Grandchildren or catch ups with close friends & colleagues helps me to know they are ok helps me to stay stronger.
Me Time – I do jigsaw puzzles (and frame them), listen to music – new and old and watch arts programmes on YouTube.
Discipline – having a structure and purpose each day helps ensure I still maintain a good work/ life balance.


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