Our Wellbeing programme supports those who are affected by the menopause by raising awareness and providing a safe environment for discussion in our Menopause Café.

To mark World Menopause day, the wellbeing team invited Dr Andres Fonseca from Thrive, Hastings’ mental health app, who is also a specialist in menopause, to talk to some of our colleagues about what menopause is, how to manage the symptoms and what support is available.

Following the discussion, Dr Fonseca said,

“It was a delight to be invited to talk about the menopause and managing the symptoms. I also touched on the lesser-known consequences, such as the increased risk of anxiety, depression, and its effects on memory and concentration problems. There were many wonderful questions from Hastings colleagues, there was also an amazing spirit of camaraderie as colleagues proposed solutions to help each other.

The only thing I would like to emphasise is that I wish more men had attended. Many women join talks I do when focusing on men-specific topics, we men could do the same and take more of an interest in this topic.”

Over the last year, the wellbeing programme has increased its support for those who are affected by the menopause including offering a range of tools and resources to help and support those who are living with the symptoms of menopause.

Find out more about our Menopause Café from our colleague Claire and about our wellbeing programme.