Our Wellbeing Champions are committed to improving and promoting the wellbeing of our colleagues at Hastings Direct. Talent & Inclusion Manager, Bola, became one of our Wellbeing Champions in April this year. Read about why she became a Champion and her tips on staying healthy and happy.  

Why did you want to become a Wellbeing Champion?  

We spend more than half our waking hours, 5 days a week, at work. This means our wellbeing has a profound effect on how we perform at work and we shouldn’t only think about wellbeing as just being something that occurs in our personal life.  

Sometimes people feel like they don’t have time to look for help or are overwhelmed with knowing where to go. Being able to share that information and support colleagues is something I feel passionate about. Helping people get the help they need and being able to be happy in and out of work is good for a person’s soul. 

What would you say to colleagues who haven’t yet engaged with the wellbeing programme?  

Being proactive about your health and wellbeing can help you thrive and stay healthy. Our Wellbeing programme has a holistic range of information and tools that help in all aspects of wellbeing from physical to financial to emotional. There are regular talks and opportunities to meet with wellbeing providers, as well as healthcare discounts. 

Looking at the wellbeing programme regularly and knowing what’s available can be a source of comfort, help you feel in control of your health and help with early intervention. The wellbeing programme is not just about work but also supports in other areas of your life. 

How do you look after your wellbeing? 

I regularly exercise (running and weights) and enjoy walking with my dog. I also do activities that help me de-stress such as taking art classes. I try to eat plenty of veg and I love cooking. Also, with the rising cost of living, I am about to do a financial overhaul to ensure I get rid of unnecessary expenses. 

Any wellbeing tips you'd like to share that keep you healthy and happy? 

Doing what you love makes maintaining regular exercise so much easier. Little and often is key: if you can’t do an hour, do 30 minutes, and if you can’t do 30 minutes then do 10 minutes a day. 

I'm also a real foodie and like to indulge. If I'm eating something that is not so healthy, I add lots of veg/fruit, enjoy, and get my vitamins and minerals in as well. 

Find out more about our wellbeing programme which helps provide mental, physical, financial and social health support to our colleagues.