Assurance, Risk and Compliance at Hastings Direct

We’re the team that supports, advises and challenges so that Hastings manages the various risks it faces in a controlled way. In doing this we aim to increase the chances of delivering Hastings’ plans and the Hastings 2.0 strategy.

The identification and management of risks is at the heart of what we do and through our Risk 2.0 change programme, supported by our Risk Management framework, we ensure that the many elements of risk management at Hastings is fit for purpose.

Operationally, we sit in the 2nd line of defence, and the ARC team’s collective role is to ensure that the ownership of risks and controls is understood, developed and strengthened; linking in with our accountabilities and responsibilities under SMCR (Senior Manager & Certification Regime).

The vision of our Risk 2.0 initiative is to be clear, bright and ambitious. To achieve this, it is absolutely crucial that appropriate risk management is embedded into every area of Hastings, and is understood by every colleague. Appropriate consideration and management of risk is a key underpin across all of the 4Cs.

With opportunities to develop your strengths and the flexibility to build a successful and rewarding career across multiple disciplines, you’ll never be bored here. We’re passionate about risk management, assurance and compliance and we look for people who share this enthusiasm. To succeed in our team, you’ll need strong communication and influencing skills and should be comfortable in a fast-paced organisation that’s constantly changing and innovating.

Our Assurance, Risk and Compliance teams

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Where our teams are based

Not all of our teams operate from all of our offices. Below you can see the offices in which these teams are based.

Meet some of the team

Shanna, Internal Assurance Officer

I started at Hastings Direct in 2012 as I was recommended to by so many friends. I began my career in the call centre and had fantastic opportunities to progress and complete exams. The people are very supportive and put colleagues and customers at the heart of everything they do. I am extremely encouraged by line managers in my personal development and have the autonomy to manage by own workload, which during the pandemic has been particularly important. Within ARC I get to travel around the country leading reviews and even had the amazing chance to visit our colleagues in South Africa!

Neil, Information Security Manager

I joined Hastings in early 2019. Previously I had worked on a number of large scale IT projects including delivering the technology overlay designs for all of the London 2012 Olympic venues. I then led a team of security specialists working on some of the UK’s most secure systems. I very much enjoy the challenge of a fast moving company, full of great people, focused on delivering the service its customers expect. I look forward to helping Hastings achieve its objectives as securely as possible.

Josh, Risk Executive

I joined the Hastings Risk Team at the end of 2018, coming from a retail background. Since then I have been given the opportunities to develop and gain new skills working within the Risk team. I enjoy the fast paced nature of the business and how my current role gives me an insight into the wider business and help influence how decisions are made to make sure we get the right outcome for both our customers and the business.