Data Engineering at Hastings Direct

The highly competitive personal insurance industry runs on data and Hastings is highly data centric with a modern tech stack. As the gatekeepers of data coming into Underwriting, we’re here to support the business with provisioning of data for analytics, modelling and other key activities.

We have a wide variety of activities ranging from developing entirely new processes and problem solving, to reporting and technical support. It's a fast-paced environment where we work on ad-hoc and project-based work streams, meaning there is never a dull moment. Our core work supports the main processes that form the backbone for all underwriting projects.

Our tech stack

The tech stack we use aims to modernise and future-proof our business for decades to come. It consists of:


Snowflake SQL, Javascript (cloud data warehouse)


Python (run on Linux Machines)

Azure Databricks

Pyspark, pandas


CRON (pre-migration pipeline co-ordinator)


Code repository, version control

Azure DevOps and Data Factory

Post-migration pipeline co-ordinator

Microsoft Power BI

Visualisation tool

How we work

We take part in most projects across Underwriting, which involves high levels of collaboration with various other teams. This enables many great opportunities for knowledge sharing, and picking up new skills and techniques.

Embracing Hastings’ 4C’s approach, the team encourages contribution and collaboration with a very flat structure to hear opinions at all levels – all with the aim of including and developing each colleague individually.

For wider development, a capability framework has been developed across several data engineering teams that specialise in different aspects of the business. This helps individuals understand how they can develop upwards, sideways and even into something slightly different. Our diverse and friendly team can help any budding engineer develop their skills and confidence to take on bigger and more complex challenges. Many of our engineers have been promoted from within, moving from junior to senior positions – sometimes at great pace.

We provide access to learning platforms such as Coursera and O’Reilly, but also provides ample opportunities for day-to-day development through collaborative activities. For example, if a Data Engineer is interested in a certain project or tool elsewhere in the company, we encourage them to get involved as much as they can alongside their tasks.

Meet some of the team

Govindasamy, Senior Data Engineer

Since I work closely with the business team, I get the opportunity to understand and experience the business impacts of my deliveries. Line managers are very supportive in prioritising the workloads and I enjoy the encouragement they provide to come up with new ways of addressing business requirements and problems. I enjoy the hybrid work model, which allows me to choose the place of work, either from an office or home.

Ekin, Data Engineer

My role includes designing, building, and automating processes that transform data into usable information which the analysts can use for modelling. I love working at HD because data is at the core of everything we do, and our work is always valued. Within our team I always feel encouraged to explore new technologies and am provided with the resources and opportunities to experiment and learn new skills. If you enjoy problem solving and teamwork, HD is a great place to work!

Eric, Data Engineer

I love work at Hastings because our team is very friendly and keen to help one other. I also have the opportunity to learn while developing a business solution, which I think is great for my professional development. My line manager is very thoughtful and committed to help me deliver my best. He knows when I need to push myself and I truly appreciate it. And finally, I think it is great the fact that we are using cutting-edge technologies to provide the best solution for the company. I love being a part of the Hastings family.

Where our teams are based

Not all of our teams operate from all of our offices. Below you can see the offices in which these teams are based.