As we forge ahead with our vision to be best and biggest digital insurance provider, we have a range of digital and technology opportunities for people looking to be part of our exciting transformation. This week, we hear from Futhi on the opportunities she grasped since joining us earlier this year as Lead Digital Business Analyst and why she’d encourage others to join her.

You could say my route to working in technology and digital has been unconventional. I studied Forensic Science and Toxicology at university and after graduating moved back home to Brighton which kicked off my career into financial services. Although I wasn’t analysing fingerprints or DNA, I still used those problem-solving skills to get into a career as a Business Analyst.

Drawn to customer experience
I’ve spent most of my professional life in the financial services industry, working across a variety of products from credit cards to insurance, investments, and retirement and pensions products. The customer experience side of the business is what I’ve always been drawn to; looking at journeys on voice response, voice to app, and digital touchpoints. I liked that Hastings had a clear vision of where they wanted to position themselves as a brand in the digital space, so I took up the opportunity to be a part of that journey. I’m excited to see how we continue bringing that vision to life.

Appetite for change
I joined Hastings four months ago – though from the way I’ve been welcomed into the team, it already feels like I’ve been here much longer. There’s a big appetite for change and it means we are moving at pace with many exciting initiatives in the pipeline to get out into the market. My day to day working life looks very different from one day to the next, which keeps things interesting. One day I may be leading a planning session for our digital projects and another I might be rolling up my sleeves getting involved in defect analysis. The more open you are on the work you do, the more opportunities you have to learn about the company, domains, and the teams around you.

Emphasis on colleagues
The range of projects happening in the digital space is what makes this role exciting for me. As a relatively young company, we get to work on innovative projects, new product launches and of course regulatory work, without being too tied to legacy platforms. The hierarchical structure is quite flat, meaning people are empowered to make decisions and work can keep moving.

And lastly, what has been unique is the emphasis on colleagues coming first – I see it in our day to day interactions and in our digital and change team, with colleagues recognised and rewarded for their efforts.

Transforming the way we work
Hastings is on a journey to transform the way we buy and service insurance products digitally – with that is an opportunity to be a part of a great journey and to grow with the company. If you’re passionate about creating great online customer experiences, then we want to hear from you!

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