Underwriting Services at Hastings Direct

As a small team working on a broad range of projects that have major business impact, we play a crucial part in the company’s success. By studying historic claims data, analysing customer behaviour, considering trends and identifying opportunities, we ensure the business collects enough premiums to cover the cost of customer claims whilst aiming to stay competitive on new business and retain existing customers.

This includes researching and analysing new types of data which could improve our pricing even further. From hypothesis testing, to product design and presenting our findings to different audiences, colleagues have the chance to develop a full range of skills and strengths.

We look for people who combine a thorough, analytical approach and an eye for detail with strong technical knowledge of policy and claims, or analytical and programming skills. Join us and you’ll enjoy the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and further your career in an environment that encourages a can-do attitude.

Speed and accuracy are essential, so we use the latest cutting-edge machine learning techniques and analytical tools, such as Python & R & high-speed data environments.  We pride ourselves on delivery so that all of our analysts can see directly the impact their models & analysis have on key business outcomes.

With plenty of opportunities to develop strengths and the flexibility to build a successful and rewarding career, you’ll never be bored here. We’re passionate about data - exploring it, developing models and using it to drive change and we look for people who share this enthusiasm. To succeed in our team, you need strong coding skills and should be comfortable in a fast-paced organisation that’s constantly changing and innovating.

Our Underwriting Services teams

  • arrow-down cross Actuarial Modelling & Data Science
  • arrow-down cross Case Referral
  • arrow-down cross Commercial Underwriting and Segment Managers
  • arrow-down cross Product Development

Where our teams are based

Not all of our teams operate from all of our offices. Below you can see the offices in which these teams are based.

Meet some of the team

Hye Ju, Data Scientist

I am currently in the Actuarial and Data Science team within the Underwriting Services department. For this role you need to have a passion for data because on a day to day basis you deal with and analyse a vast amount of data. I genuinely love the culture at Hastings Direct. The people are welcoming and I can be myself around my team. It is a place that I would definitely recommend for anyone who is eager to learn and start their career.

Danny, Account Analyst

I’ve had experience in multiple areas across Hastings, having started part-time in Claims before joining our Underwriting Services team. My role is to monitor the performance of our in-house insurer’s products and report this to the wider business. Numeracy and analytical skills are key, but you also need to have an inquisitive disposition. I use data to spot trends and understand them for what they are, not just what they appear to be. I would absolutely recommend Hastings Direct for a career after education. Hastings Direct are great at supporting you should you wish to continue studying while working here by giving flexible working, study days, and even funding certain qualifications.

Graham, Analytical Operations Manager

I joined in 1997 as a recent graduate, when Hastings Direct was a new company. As the business has grown, so has my team. I’ve gained more and more responsibility and the variety of activities I’m involved in means there are always new challenges to meet and explore. I believe it’s the open and honest relationship the company has with its colleagues that nurtures our can-do attitude. There always seems to be a positive approach even when things don’t go to plan. The community spirit is also very good and we really make a positive impact on our local areas.