Insight and Counter Fraud at Hastings Direct

We are market leaders in insurance counter fraud. Our specialist teams investigate and validate our claims with one single aim - to protect our customers. We know that the majority of our customers are honest, so we work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. This is no easy task.

We're continuously designing, implementing and reviewing our policies, procedures and systems, to ensure we have state-of-the-art tools and technology that can detect suspicious claims and new policies. We also continuously assess performance data to support strategy definition, ensuring we keep on top of market trends and any new fraudulent tactics.

Insight (our Counter Fraud department) is an incredibly fast-paced, agile and collaborative environment. Our team is not only committed to fighting fraud, but are also flexible, collaborative and able to adapt to different challenges. It is our collective enquiring minds that help us question, investigate and challenge fraudulent claims. After all, if something doesn’t seem right, there’s a good chance it isn’t!

How we work

The Insight and Counter Fraud teams collaborate regularly, due to the connected nature of the functions. The Special Investigations Unit are responsible for identifying and triaging fraudulent claims and policies and will refer these across to the Claims Fraud and New Business Review teams for investigation. Therefore, it is vital that we work together to ensure the right fraudulent and misrepresentation concerns are being considered.

We have access to market leading technology and data tools to support the development of intelligence and investigation of fraud. We are continuously scanning the market for new opportunities to support us in maintaining and furthering our position as best in the market, whilst also assessing the performance of our existing tools.

Given the continuously evolving nature of insurance, we are extremely focused on the development of our colleagues to ensure we have and maintain the best Counter Fraud teams in the market. The department provides apprenticeship opportunities for anyone striving to achieve a formal qualification, as well as having a structured and continuous approach to training development and delivery. We also ensure all colleagues receive coaching aligned to their needs and ambitions.

Our colleagues have different experiences and expertise, so we look to empower them with knowledge sharing and supporting wider change initiatives. Our teams work across Leicester and Bexhill, as well as remotely. The majority of the department is currently in the office one day per week, however this does vary from role to role.

Our Insight and Counter Fraud teams

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Meet some of the team

Lisa, Team Leader

I lead a team of Intel Operatives whose role is to triage claims to be referred to Claims Fraud for further investigation and potential repudiation. I love the feeling of community and respect I get from all levels at Hastings Direct. The work and resource that senior management put into doing the right thing for colleagues and customers has always filled me with a sense of pride.

Manesh, Technical Negotiator

My role involves investigating and handling of suspected fraudulent claims and the litigation process. I review and assess claims, liaising with customers, investigators, solicitors and other third parties. I like working for Hastings Direct because of flexible and friendly environment and Hastings Direct is one of the biggest employers in East Sussex. I consider myself to be lucky to have been employed here and admire the company’s culture and values.

Joe, New Business Review Team Leader

My job is to lead NBR agents and provide them with all the resources they need to validate policies for the department. One of my favourite aspects of the job is getting to assist agents with their development and progression. I also play an active role in the department change projects, which means I'm always up to date on new processes. As a result, I'm able to keep a solid technological foundation.

Where our teams are based

Not all of our teams operate from all of our offices. Below you can see the offices in which these teams are based.