Insight (Counter Fraud) at Hastings Direct

We are market leaders in insurance counter fraud. Our specialist teams investigate and validate our claims with one single aim - to protect our customers. We know that the majority of our customers are honest, so we work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters. This is no easy task.

We're continuously designing, implementing and reviewing our policies, procedures and systems, including the recent launch of a state-of-the-art system that can automatically detect suspicious claims and new policies. We use it daily to helps us identify fraud more efficiently.

Insight (our Counter Fraud department) is an incredibly fast-paced, agile and collaborative environment. Our team is not only committed to fighting fraud, but are also flexible, collaborative and able to adapt to different challenges. It is our collective enquiring minds that help us question, investigate and challenge fraudulent claims. After all, if something doesn’t seem right, there’s a good chance it isn’t!

Our Insight teams

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  • arrow-down cross Special Investigations Unit

Where our teams are based

Not all of our teams operate from all of our offices. Below you can see the offices in which these teams are based.

Meet some of the team

David, Head of Specialist Investigations

Having previously been the Head of the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department, I was very much aware of the big insurers’ counter fraud capabilities. It was clear to me that Hastings Direct was market leading in this arena. Upon joining, I was given the opportunity to create a Special Investigations Unit, and have overseen its considerable growth in size and cross-industry reputation. We have recruited some excellent colleagues and continue to go from strength to strength. We literally take the fight to the fraudster’s front door. This sends a great deterrent message to those considering defrauding the company and shows our policyholders we are protecting their interests.