Commercial at Hastings Direct

In Commercial, we ensure our products meet customers’ needs and are priced appropriately. This involves everything from managing insurers, developing and managing products, and being accountable for sales, to retention, mid-term adjustments (MTAs) and cancellations. We also manage Premium Finance for customers who pay monthly.

Our main task is to change product costs in line with market needs. This means we need to understand business needs and the potential impact of our recommendations and have the confidence to propose change and argue our case convincingly.

To join our Commercial teams in Bexhill-on-Sea and London you’ll need a strong business focus and an entrepreneurial approach, with the ability to interpret and analyse complex numerical data and contribute ideas. We also look for a desire to build your knowledge and the ability to influence people at all levels.

Our Commercial teams

Car New Business

This team helps to grow new business using the most effective customer propositions, increase our market share, and manage our Price Comparison website relationships.

Growth Products including Insurer Development

This team manages our diversification products of Home, Bike and Van. They manage the customer journey from new business to renewal and build effective customer propositions to increase our market share in these markets. In addition, the team is also accountable for managing the relationships with our insurer partners that underwrite our policies.

Assurance Team

This team undertakes 1st line assurance for all CD&M (Commercial, Digital & Marketing) owned processes and controls including support in identifying and documenting key risks and validating the effectiveness of our controls.

Product Team

This team is comprised of 3 key areas

  • Ancillaries
    This team manage the insurers that underwrite these policies and work to ensure that we have effective propositions for customers. They are also accountable for ensuring these products continue to demonstrate good value for our customers.
  • Premium Finance
    This team manages the propositions we use to lend customers the money to buy insurance and spread the cost through monthly payments. We develop the financial products, ensure regulatory compliance and manage the processes to help customers in financial difficulty.
  • Product Management
    This team manage the technical elements of customer communications including the policy terms and conditions, conducts regular reviews of all of the products we offer to ensure they continue to offer value for customers and manages the process to ensure the design and launch of any new products adhere to our strict assessment of customer and regulatory outcomes.

Strategic Projects

This team works on long-term, company-wide projects that affect commercial’s future development.

Car Retention and In-life

This team manages our existing customer base by retaining as many customers as possible at renewal, as well as managing in-life transactions such as mid-term adjustments and cancellations.

Where our teams are based

Not all of our teams operate from all of our offices. Below you can see the offices in which these teams are based.


Meet some of the team

David, New Business Commercial Manager (Motor)

In Commercial, we get to collaborate with and support many different departments, so I define, lead and deliver some very interesting strategic projects. This means I regularly engage with senior leaders, who are always accessible, engaging and take a keen interest in me as an individual. It’s refreshing working in an organisation where my peers are hugely driven and ambitious and work in a collaborative way. I think, in the main, we truly understand the benefit of working together for collective success and what that approach can enable you to achieve.

Fred, Head of Retention and In-life

I joined Hastings Direct in 2019, having previously spent my career working in telecoms. I made the move as I was really impressed by not only the company’s ambitions for growth, but also the clarity of their strategy to achieve that growth – joining really was a no-brainer for me. Since joining, I’ve been hugely impressed by the openness and accessibly of senior leadership within this organisation; it’s very evident to me that transparency, availability, and collaboration are consistent qualities of senior leaders here. I’ve also found the collaborative spirit and “can-do” attitude from everyone I work with across the organisation really invigorating – everyone seems incredibly invested in the success of Hastings Direct, are very motivated to achieve that success, and I’ve personally found working as part of an organisation with that collective attitude really fulfilling.