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This week we hear from Josh, a Senior Front-End React Developer. As we continue to recruit talent to join the Digital Development team, Josh shares the career journey that led him to Hastings Direct in July and why this particular opportunity stood out to him. 

Ready for a new role

I joined Hastings in July 2022 in the role of Senior Front-End React Developer. Before joining I worked for a telecoms expense management company as a Senior Engineer and Scrum Master. My primary focus was developing and leading the in-house analytics and dashboard software. I was in my previous role for seven years and after achieving lots and experiencing various areas, I knew what I was passionate about and felt ready to move onto the next role.

Back in March I was browsing LinkedIn for a new role and came across Hastings. The push for digital progression sounded exciting and everything that I had learnt in my previous role could be applied here. It sounded perfect. I also wanted to work for a company where you could see the results of your work being used, as everything I had worked on previously was only visible to clients.

Luckily I knew someone who was already working at Hastings and a conversation with them was enough to convince me to apply for the role. The interviews did not feel pressured or nerve wracking because the interviewers created a comfortable space to talk about the role and my experience.

My gut feeling about Hastings was right, and I am so happy and grateful I got the role.

Each day is different

I do a variety of tasks and each day is different. Most of my time is spent developing within our React codebases on Hastings’ new and exciting products. Alongside this, I review coding from other developers, providing feedback on their work but also helping teach new perspectives and ways to improve it.

What I really enjoy about my role is having the trust and support from my colleagues. I have a passion around finding the simplest path forward in a solution. This could be implementing patterns and standards across codebases. I love talking to other developers and gathering their insights and experiences on how we apply these.

I also love being able to support my colleagues. I really like seeing developers wanting to learn and expand their front-end knowledge and I will always be willing and happy to spend time helping them.

A welcoming environment

What I really enjoy is the people I work with – they are all incredibly clever, supportive and friendly. Hastings itself really shows how much they value their team and the hard work that everyone puts in. I was already feeling settled within the first few months, and that’s because everyone makes this company and the work so enjoyable.

My advice to progress

Always keep asking questions, no matter how far along you are in your career. It shows your curiosity, passion and a willingness to learn. Lastly, be honest and truthful about everything you do!

If you’d like to continue your career in a dynamic company that has a vision to be the best and biggest digital insurance provider, find out about available opportunities including the Senior Digital Developer role .


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