After completing a Master’s degree in Health Data Analytics and Machine Learning at Imperial College, our colleague Demetris joined Hastings Direct to pursue his passion for data. 

In his blog, Demetris shares what he gets up to in his role and the cutting-edge technologies we use at Hastings Direct. 

How I landed at Hastings 

My background is in mathematics and statistics – I did my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Warwick and straight after I did my Master’s in Health Data Analytics and Machine Learning at Imperial College. I then pursued a career as a Data Scientist for various reasons, including my passion for using advanced analytical and statistical techniques to extract insights and inform decision-making.  

Data science also gives you the opportunity to work in a variety of industries such as finance and insurance. I decided to work in insurance to help people protect themselves financially and to have the ability to work in a variety of roles and specialisations, which is how I landed at Hastings. 

Collaborating with other teams 

As part of my role, I collect and analyse large sets of data from various sources to identify patterns and trends. I also build and implement predictive models to forecast future outcomes, such as claims likelihood or customer behaviour. 

All of this involves collaborating with other teams to inform product development and pricing strategies, and keeping up to date with the latest developments in data science and machine learning. 

Making a real-world impact 

What I really enjoy about my role is having the opportunity to work with large and complex datasets – insurance companies collect and store a wide variety of data on customers, claims, and other aspects of the business, which can provide a wealth of information to analyse and extract insights from.  

I also have the ability to make a real-world impact as the insights and recommendations generated by data analysis can have a significant effect on an insurance company's bottom line, which can be very rewarding.  

Using the latest technologies 

At Hastings, we generally use SQL databases to store and manage large volumes of data, Python and R for predictive modelling and machine learning, and cloud-based platforms to allow us to scale our operations as needed and reduce costs. 

There are so many exciting projects going on at the moment. One of them is developing a tool which identifies segments of the market that we systematically misprice which helps us improve our pricing and risk assessment process.  

A digital-first approach  

Hastings Direct has a digital-first approach, which allows customers to easily purchase insurance and manage their policies online. It also has an innovative approach to insurance, such as its telematics insurance, which uses data from customers' vehicles to provide more accurate pricing and help safer drivers save money on their insurance.  

My advice to graduates seeking great opportunities 

If you want to work in a positive and dynamic working environment where employees are encouraged to collaborate and contribute new ideas, and get the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects, Hastings is the place to go! 

Join us: If you’re data-driven and think Hastings Direct sounds like the type of company you’d thrive in, check out our opportunities and apply.