Meet Head of Solution Architecture, Andy – he’s part of the Digital and Change team that’s transforming the solutions we provide to our customers and colleagues. It’s all part of our vision to become the best and biggest digital insurance provider. In this week’s colleague story, Andy explains what it is about #lifeatHD that continues to excite him, plus outlines his role and the technology and projects that are keeping his team busy. 

Making a difference
I look after the Solution Architecture team here at Hastings – we’re responsible for defining, aligning, and supporting the delivery of multiple solutions across our diverse change portfolio. My ten-plus years at Hastings have allowed me to hold various roles and I always say that the reason I’m still here is down to the people I work with and the way we all work together. I’d also add that it’s great to work at a company where we can see that what we do as a team can – and does – make a real difference to our customer and colleagues. 

Embracing change
We’re great believers in outlining and communicating our intended solutions to different stakeholders using target architectures, guardrails, roadmaps, and patterns – embracing the fact that our architecture and solutions will emerge as we progress and learn from our experiences and wider technology capabilities evolve. The team are active members of a Technical Design Authority (TDA) we have at Hastings. Alongside presenting, reviewing and validating designs across a wide range of domains with our counterparts in the Data and Technology areas, the forum provides an excellent opportunity for all members to understand the wider organisational change programme and co-ordinate activities and plans as required.  

Lean and efficient
Every day I get to work with great people who’re passionate about working together to deliver a fantastic digital customer and colleague experience. One area we’ve consistently and consciously focused on at Hastings is ensuring we remove or migrate legacy areas and, in general, seek to have 'one of everything' more than 'many of the same'. It means as we move forward with new investments, we actively look to keep our architecture as lean, efficient, and as simple as possible.

We have a change portfolio that will continue to transform our platforms and services across all our key sales, service and claims processes. We're the software house for Hastings and this approach and mindset allows us and our partners to own and make the right decisions, so we can continue to thrive and meet our objectives. 

Equipping ourselves with knowledge and skill
We run internal architecture awareness sessions throughout the year and, as a team, we pick topics we want to better understand. Individuals or small groups then spend time pulling together briefings for the team with a view of how we could or should use that software going forward to discuss and agree the next steps. Certifications are also encouraged within our team – it's a good way of learning new skills and gives a real sense of achievement for those focusing on their development.

Join me on the journey!
There are truly exciting times ahead – we have a clear vision of where we want to be and a solution architecture team who are trusted and empowered to design and deliver solutions using the latest thinking and cloud native technologies. We’re looking for people who’re curious, want to learn, challenge themselves, and share their knowledge and experience with others as part of our solution architecture team (making sure we have fun along the way!). 

If you’d like to continue your tech career in a dynamic company that has a vision to be the best and biggest digital insurance provider, find out about available opportunities including our Solution Architect role.