Hoger’s Hastings Direct development journey


After my first year of University I realised I needed a job that could blend in with my studies. At that time I had couple of friends that worked for Hastings Direct. They recommended that Hastings Direct’s part time hours were great for students and that they looked to provide flexibility to accommodate a shift pattern that would support studies. This really encouraged me because I wanted to do well in my studies, spend time with my family and at the same time, earn some sort of income.

During my time at Hastings Direct I’ve enjoyed working with my colleagues, attending events,  awards evenings and Christmas parties. They have a great balance of work, progression and fun.

I started my role as a Customer Representative at the beginning of 2016. I was performing really well and this was recognised by my colleagues, Team Leader, Contact Centre Leader and even the Operations Director as I received appreciation for my achievements. In September 2017 I became a Coach and 6 months later I was successful in my application for a Team Leader role!

I’m a Team Leader in Customer Services and lead a team of Customer Representatives. I support them in their day to day activities, ensure that they’re there for our customers and help them with any personal development goals.

I’ve had a fantastic journey at Hastings Direct and would encourage anyone that’s interested in progression and development to apply!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our part time Team Leader roles please click here.