Tell us about your background and what led you to Hastings Direct?

I worked for many years within the Rehabilitation sector on the outskirts of London, however, in 2017 my family and I made the decision to look for a fresh start by the seaside. I was looking in the Sussex area for a reputable and growing business, where I could build my career but also maintain a healthy work life balance, which would enable me to spend quality time with my young family. After speaking to friends and family in the local area, Hastings Direct sounded like the perfect place for me and after applying, I was fortunate to be offered a Team Leader position within Technical Claims.

What do you enjoy most about being a Technical Claims Team Leader?

I love the flexibility and varied opportunity as a Claims Team Leader. In my short time here, I have had the opportunity to work on several different projects within numerous areas across Technical Claims, which has enabled me to develop my commercial awareness. I have also found that colleagues within the Technical Claims department possess a great desire to progress and develop, which makes it a privilege to manage a team with such drive.

Professional and personal development is part of Hastings Direct culture. What do you think about it and how it affects you?

I have never worked in a business before that is so focused on developing their colleagues. Within my first week I was put forward to join a 12 month leadership program, which I found incredibly useful despite the vast leadership experience I already possessed from my previous roles. There has also been numerous training courses and case study sessions I have taken part in, including the opportunity to become a mental health first aider, which really shows the focus the company has on continued development for its employees. Within two years of being at Hastings Direct I progressed through three different areas of Technical Claims, and so the opportunity to develop is clear to see, if the hard work and desire is put in.

To end, can you tell us what non-work related element you enjoy most at Hastings Direct?

I most enjoy the social aspect at Hastings, both of being part of my team and the wider management team.  We have regular team meals and nights out, which helps massively with creating positive vibes and team harmony within the workplace.

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