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We’re promoting Stress Awareness Month to our colleagues throughout April and as we all have different ways to de-stress, we've asked some of our wellbeing champions – Jon, Sophie, Rhianna, Alisha and Bola – for the tips and techniques they use to help them relax.  


SophieMcGowan.jpg“My top tips are: 

  • Read a fictional book and get lost in your imagination. This is a good way to take your mind off things. 
  • Share your thoughts and feelings with your friends and family. A problem shared is a problem halved. 
  • Have a bath and listen to some relaxing music.” 



Rhianna.png“If I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed, I like to get outside and complete a 5 minute mindful activity. Get into an outside space if you can, or somewhere away from your desk. Take a few deep breaths in, slowly breathing out, as you do this, focus on things around you. I like to focus on something I can hear, smell, see, touch or feel.   

“It helps me stop thinking about anything else for a short period and re-centre. Otherwise, longer term exercise is always good, even if it’s just a dance around to my favourite song whilst I make a cup of tea.” 


Alisha Benton.jpg

“My stress busting idea that I do all the time: set a one hour timer, play my favourite music then power clean/tidy for an hour. It makes you feel happy to dance to your favourite music, achieve something and have a much tidier space at the end of it.” 


“Exercise is my stress buster. There's nothing better than smashing some heavy weights around the gym in my lunch hour or getting out for a run or cycle ride in the fresh air - it sets me up for a productive afternoon. 

“That, and getting out on the seafront to walk my dog morning and evening. There's something about the sheer expanse and peacefulness of the sea that gives perspective and mindfulness. It lets you clear your head of busy thoughts, slow down and just think about the moment you’re in.” 


“My stress buster is a walk in the woods - fantastic by itself, but even better when it's with dogs.” 


Find out more about our wellbeing programme which helps provide mental, physical, financial and social health support to our colleagues. 



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