Olivia 300x300px cropped.jpgAs we look ahead to the coming weeks,  we have a dedicated ‘Summer of Wellbeing’ programme which highlights the many tools and resources available to support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of our colleagues.   Olivia, a Team Leader for New Business and Renewals, tells us more about the importance of wellbeing.

Wellbeing is something I never consciously paid attention to until a few years ago. 
A lot of the time we do certain things and we are improving our wellbeing without knowing it, such as going to the gym or chatting through things with a friend. As wellbeing became more and more talked about, I started to realise how important it is to consciously make time to positively impact my own mental and physical wellbeing, as well as find ways to support others around me. 

As a leader it is paramount that my team have access to wellbeing tools and information to support and benefit them.
We all have things that can damage our wellbeing and this past year has been really challenging for most of us, so I believe that anything we can do to boost ourselves, no matter how small, is really important. In my team we all have the Thrive app and many of us have used the Colleague Assistance Programme, as well as some of the other wellbeing tools available to us. Using these services can be a little daunting at first, especially calling and talking to a stranger, but the more you use it, the more comfortable it becomes and the more it can really benefit you and your wellbeing.

Having access to someone who does not know you, is completely impartial, and can advise you on what steps to take is something that I have found really helpful. Sometimes it’s just having someone to talk things through with, and to take the edge off what you are feeling, that can be the most help.

The wellbeing programme has made a difference
...to both myself and my team, not just with the services that are available but also the information it provides and the issues it shines a light on. I’ve realised that a lot of people struggle with feeling alone, particularly when going through a traumatic experience, however talking to someone and realising you are not on your own can be a great comfort and relief. 

The wellbeing programme has something for everyone, not just if you’re struggling but to also support your day to day life. I believe every leader should use it and promote it to their teams, as there are so many tools and services available that can improve our colleagues’ everyday quality of life.  

We find time for things like social media, TV or listening to music, so why not take a portion of that time and dedicate it to your own wellbeing.

Find out more about our wellbeing programme here.