At Hastings, we value the expertise of all our professionals, yet we recognise we need to do our part to help bring more gender balance to the data and tech industry. We're committed to celebrating and supporting women in these areas, building a more diverse pool of data and tech professionals, and changing the profile of the industry over time. 

This month we hear from Sonia who has been with us at Hastings Direct as a Solution Architect since August 2022. 

How I started a career in tech 

I’ve been working in the software industry for over 14 years. I hold a bachelor's degree in information technology and started my career working as a Software Developer where I got the chance to work with diverse teams and technologies related to digital applications. During my early career years, I  was always interested in how new technologies could support businesses. While working in all these roles, I realised my passion for data and tech so I did a post-graduate programme in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence which helped me to get familiar with recent trends on data and machine learning techniques.  

Being adaptive, open to continuous learning and change with recent trends in technologies really helped me to explore my potential and continue to grow in my career. 

Solving puzzles and building things that work 

When I was a child, I always liked mathematics and number puzzles, and dreamed of doing Accounting and Business Studies. When it was time to choose my course, my father played a major role in encouraging me towards science and tech because of the expanding demand in the software industry across the world. As I moved into technology, I realised that it is more like solving puzzles and building things that work, and achieving something that’s valuable, and this really intrigued me. 

The world of technology is open to everyone 

Technology is wonderful and we all can be a part of it. Also, it is not gender specific. Anyone with the right talent can find a solution to a problem. However better problem solving requires diverse ideas and innovative thinking so bringing more women into tech would be a simple way to bring more views and ideas to the table. It would also provide more active role models for future generations. 

The world of technology is so vast and diverse; it is just not limited to code or data. There are variety of roles available in tech domains, and anyone could find something to enjoy. Continue to learn skills that interests you and make you more agile. Embrace the opportunities and do not be afraid to start anything from scratch. Focus on the process, not the results.  

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